Unknown Half Brother - Mariano or Roddy

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My brother, sister, and I live in the United States in California. We are searching for our half-brother. Our father’s name was Roddy Rodriguez. Our Father was Filipino but enlisted in the US Army in June of 1934. He was stationed in Australia the Sydney or Brisbane area from August of 1942 through sometime in 1944. What we know about our half-brother is that he was given our father’s first name, which could be either Mariano (our father’s first name at birth) or Roddy (the first name our father legally changed). While we realize that it’s been many years (my sister and my brother are in their seventies and I will be sixty), we hope to find him, his extended family, or friends to meet them and share our family experiences.

Date of Birth: 1943-1945
Town of Origin: Possibly Sydney, Brisbane, or multiple cities in New South Wales

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