Blaine, Joyce Audrey/Blaine, John Barclay/Ashworth, William Arthur Miller

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My name is Vicki from Melbourne. I was born 27/6/1956 at the Women`s Hospital, Crown Street, Sydney. I was unnamed & given up for adoption by my birth mother, Joyce Audrey Blaine (24 at the time). She travelled from Queensland to Sydney to give birth & I spent my first 6 months in the SCARBA Babies Home run by the Benevolent Society of NSW, before being adopted. Joyce (married name, Fowler) is now 85 years old, has a twin sister Betty Hazel McPherson, born in Ipswich, Queensland 14/2/1932, according to their birth extract. My mother & aunty were also adopted at birth by John Barclay Blaine & Ethel May (his 4th wife, nee Goodyear), a man in his 70’s & she was in her 40’s at the time. Ipswich was a small town then & the birth of twins could possibly have been an irregular event & reached the news in the town, although no evidence of this has been uncovered to date. Maybe somebody knows something about this or perhaps even the circumstances surrounding their adoption? I have recently found their biological father (my grandfather) William Arthur Miller Ashworth (DOB 27/7/1895, Miles, Qld; also illegitimate–his father was Thomas Ashworth & mother, Amelia Catherine Miller), discovered due to DNA testing. I am on the hunt for their biological mother (my grandmother) presently. I met my birth mother & aunty about 2 years ago, after finally having success in gaining a meeting, so now have some idea of medical history, but not much maternal family history to speak of. I finally learned my father’s name, which has since been confirmed by DNA testing, so doing well with research there. If anyone knows or has a connection or story attached to any of the people mentioned here, I would be delighted to hear from you. Thanks

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