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Date of Birth: 1935 to 1937. Jose. Our mother had a child between my sister who was born in Sydney in 1932 and 1940. We believe it was to a man who worked on our aunt`s berry farm in Victoria. near Melbourne. We are three girls who would dearly love to make contact. We think the child was a girl. The aunt who told us of the other child has long since died and we are the oldest living family members. Although we knew from the aunt. we had to wait until Ella died to look. as she would not ever talk about her past. We come from a Cornish. English past and Ella had brown eyes and fair skin. She was a good sewer. knitter and a very smart dresser. Her hair was dark brown and she kept it dyed and styled duntil she died at 95. She was also a woman who had her own ideas and was very stubborn. We all take after her.

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