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Birth:1933?. Am looking for any information re natural birth mother. Was apparently fostered out shortly after birth? (1933) because bio mother was 14 or so abouts? No record of any birth certificate or foster / adoption papers ever existed that i know of? Mother was fostered to the Schramm Family who lived in Dresden Germany between 1920 and 1949) who also had one other adopted son (Rudolf b.1919/20?) (who was a Miller by trade) and who died in the 2WW on the Russian Front) between 1942-44) Mother raised as a Catholic and was state enrolled nurse in a number of Catholic run Hospitals in Germany between 1951-1962?) Married in 1963 (had four children. 1964.65 and 66. before emigrating to South Australia in early 1967. Biological Grand/ mother was still alive (apparently) when mother emigrated from Germany to Australia? Mother died from rare stomach cancer in 1987 aged 53. (Possibly related to Ashkenasers Disease?) and i urgently need information in regards any family history on my mothers side. Both biological parents now deceased and i need some answers re medical and other issues re mothers medical history/etc. Contact Ira Zettler on 0421163282 at any time if anyone has any information. Thank you!

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