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Birth: 1956ish. I am looking for my birth mother. I was born Robert Jon Wrigley in the Royal Women`s Hospital. Brisbane in Feb of 1977. She was 21 at the time of my birth and was apparently living in Toowong at the time. but I can’t be certain if that was by choice. I don’t know if I am an agreed. forced. coerced or “stolen” adoptee. but to me the reason’s don’t matter. It would pain me greatly if I was any other than the first. but the latter are certainly not your fault. I’m known as Matt now and I have known since I was very little that I was adopted and my adoptive Mum even tried to find out about you in the Eighties. but at the time the legislation hadn’t caught up and so she was stonewalled. I can recall the letters that she read to the both of us. I was told that you were very young and that “it was a different time and place”. I am quite comfortable with my adoption and I’m certainly not looking to lay blame. except to those that made you feel you had to give me up. if indeed it was your choice at all. I am successful in my own right so I’m not looking for assistance. I’m a father to two boys who know that I’m adopted and are curious about “secret nana”. I would like to find out more about you. what happened then and what’s happened since. Do I have other siblings besides my adopted sister. Am I an uncle?

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