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Birth: 1977 ? . Looking for my Sister and any family members. My birth name given to me by hospital staff (so i was told) is Joseph. Adopted name Benjamin Anthony Kandelaars. Adoptive Parents Valerie Joan Kandelaars and Cornelius Antonius Kandelaars. I was born at Queen Vic Hospital. Rose Park Adelaide 13/03/1979 at 6.20am. Given up for adoption at birth. but wasnt placed into care of adoptive parents until 5/04/79. Only background information i have so far is my mother was 21. 5`7"tall. weighed 91/2 stone. blonde hair. blue eyes fair complexion. and worked as a teachers aid. After leaving school she travelled interstate for some time before returning to S.A. she used to play basketball. liked crafts. pottery. macrame and reading. Her father was an assistant district clerk. her mother was also a teachers aid and she had 3 brothers. oldest was a laberer. another an apprentice mechanic and a younger brother was a student. Parents aware of her pregnancy. My Birth father was Australian. MY SISTER and I have the same Parents. she was placed up for adoption at birth also. i beleive she is 2yrs older than me. any information would be apreciated. as iv always wondered about my sister and if she knows i even exist. my adoptive parents never had any children just me.

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