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Date of Birth: August 1967. I am looking for my full blood brother who was named Shane Collins before he was adopted out. as I was. 2 years earlier. I only have unidentifying information about him. His adoptive parents were both in their late 20`s when Shane was adopted. His adoptive father was of British nationality; he had been born in India but had lived in WA since he was a child. He was an accountant at the time he adopted Shane. Shane`s adoptive mother was born in WA and was fully occupied with Home Duties. His adoptive parents had been married for just over 7 years and they had one child. a son of their marriage. I know Shane is married now and has 3 young children and a wife that was very supportive of him contacting me. As I am adopted I am very aware of the feeling of betrayal to your adoptive parents but Shane I want you to know that our birth family is not interested in contact with either of us so although I have met them. there will be no intrusion from them. I would love our adoptive families to meet and of course I would like to meet you. my nieces and nephews. my sister-in-law and your parents and brother who I consider extended family. I have left a letter with the Dept for Child Protection. Please read it as this will help you understand why I want to contact you. Much love to you my little brother. xx

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