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. Name: Lukia SarantakosDate of birth: 01 Feb.1964 (On my birth certificate shows 06 Feb. 1964I am looking for my Birthmother. Town of Origin: Waratah? Newcastle? NSW. I was adopted out Illegally by a scheme known years ago as "Rapid Adoption"(The adoptive parents are shown on the original birth certificate). Lukia is the name that they gave to me the adoptive parents but I don`t have any idea what my real name was called. The only true evidence that I have about my birth is a baby photo from the hospital that I was born shown a part of my wrist band with the Medical Record Number of 2937 and the start of the Date shown 01-?-?. At the age of almost 4 years old my Greek Origin adoptive parents they changed my DOB and the Place of Birth again and took me out from Australia to Greece where I live every since then. Any information can be helpful thanks.

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