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G`how   J

G`how J

REUNITED. Searching for birth mother. giving birth to a son. A Private adoption was organised. Have thought about birth mother over the years.
Gallagher  Mary Mabel

Gallagher Mary Mabel

Year of Birth: 1905-1906. Gave birth to Maxwell Geoffrey / Jeffery at St Margarets 20 October 1925. Adopted through St Anthony`s Home Petersham - Admitted 14th June 1926. Would very…
GALLEN  Vanessa

GALLEN Vanessa

Date of birth: September 1969 -1970.
Galway  Edna

Galway Edna

. Looking for my Birth Mother. I was born in Crown St Womens Hospital. then at 6 weeks of age was adopted from an orphanage. I`m aboriginal also. Apparently my…
GANT  Winifred Mary

GANT Winifred Mary

. Last known in Mitchell street McMahons Point. My name is Brandon Gregory Whitlock. I am searching for my birth mother last known by the above name. previously known as…


Year of Birth: 1949. I am looking for my mother Lorna May Garland and/or family members. She gave birth to me on the 11.06.1967 Boothville Private Hospital. Windsor. Brisbane. Qld.…
GARNETT  Trisha Lynne (Birth mother).

GARNETT Trisha Lynne (Birth mother).

REUNITED. I am looking for my son born at St Margaret`s Hospital Sydney on 18 April 1970. I gave you the name Anthony John.


SUCCESS - Date of Birth 30/10/49. CROWN ST Women`s Hosp. Sydney.. LONG LOST COUSIN FOUND Still searching for Gary. Baby boy born to VALERIE MAY DOWMAN. of Hurstville. Valerie named…
Gavin John  searching for

Gavin John searching for

Born July 1978. Not sure of exact date. . Was named Gavin John however this may have changed. Birth mothers family eager for contact. SANDRA MARGARET LANE was birth mother`s…
Gawith  Yvonne

Gawith Yvonne

Son born 1950`s. My sister Yvonne Gawith had a son early 1950`s. north melbourne hostel for unmarried mothers. would love to know what happened to him.
Gentles  Barbara Wendy

Gentles Barbara Wendy

Year of Birth: 1934. Mother name at birth was Barbara Wendy Gentles and 28yrs of ages born in Sydney. living in Sydney. at the time of my birth. her mother…
George  Robert

George Robert

Date of Birth: 6.4.1959 or 1960. Seeking Michael. George`s brother. Please contact.
GEYER, Deiter

GEYER, Deiter

Searching for Birth Father his name may have been Dieter Geyer? - I was born 3/9/71 female at Camden NSW Hospital to Sharon Clift. I was adopted out at birth.…


Date of Birth: July/august. 1952. Would love to find you. you would be same age as I was born in same hospital at around same time in August 1952 we…
Gillan  Steven Paul

Gillan Steven Paul

Date of Birth: 14th April 1974. You were born Steven Paul Gillan in Brisbane`s Royal Women`s. You were named after our Uncle. I am your older sister Amanda. I have…
Gilson  Adele

Gilson Adele

Date of Birth: 6th december 1932. believed to have been married twice since giving birth to me. Last known married name Harper. believed to have a son & daughter in…
Gleeson  Roslyn

Gleeson Roslyn

Year of Birth:1943. Looking for my birth mother. I was her second child. born 28 Mar 1964 at Hornsby. NSW. Also Looking for my birth father. George Anthony Arnold. born…
Godfrey  Barbara Helen

Godfrey Barbara Helen

Year of Birth: 1945. My name is Ann-maree and I was born 02/12/68. You called me Adrien Godfrey and your last address known on birth certificate was 33 Pacific Highway…
GODSALL  Jean Elizabeth

GODSALL Jean Elizabeth

Date of Birth:06/09/1969. Your name may have changed but you were born at Boothville Mothers Hospital in Brisbane. My mum was 17 at the time and given no choice but…
GOGGIN  (nee Dunn)  Aileen June

GOGGIN (nee Dunn) Aileen June

Born 10 february1927 Bankstown NSW. I am looking for anyone who may have know my mother who use to work as a silver service waitress at the Sportsman`s bar in…
GOLD  Martha Maria

GOLD Martha Maria

. Contact Daughter born Nov 1. 1965
Goldsworthy  Marjorie Joan

Goldsworthy Marjorie Joan

. I was born Pamela Louise on 2/11/54 and adopted on 23/11/54 when my name was changed to Judith Anne Lergessner.
Goodier  Linda

Goodier Linda

1950-1955. My name is Noel Sunderland and i was born in the Footscary hospital 27/12/1972. after my father who brought me up passed away recently. secrets revealed i was adopted…
GOOLEY  Kelly Michelle

GOOLEY Kelly Michelle

Date of birth: 8/2/69 or 70. I gave my daughter up in 1969 i named her Kelly MichelleGooley she would be about 36 now she was born at Penrith Nepean…
Gordon  Maureen

Gordon Maureen

Birth: 1947. Looking for my birth mother Maureen Gordon. I was born February 19.1963 at Women`s Hospital. She registered with the adoption registry 25 years ago. Any info welcome.
Gordon Kelly  Patricia Lawra

Gordon Kelly Patricia Lawra

Date of Birth:April 1945 . Searching for birthmother Patricia Lawra Gordon Kelly from Scotland-she had a baby boy(whom she kept)15 months before I was born. My birth father apparently is…
Gorton  Jennie

Gorton Jennie

. Searching for birth parents. Adopted at birth. 10 Aug 1968 - Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital. Originally named Lynette Gorton. (Adopted out to Peter & Shirley Bobileff.) I would be…
Gosschalk  Karen

Gosschalk Karen

. Looking for Daughter- you were born on 28/5/68 at RBWH (Brisbane). Any information gratefully received. My name is Alison.
Grace  Kathryn

Grace Kathryn

. I just want to thank you for giving me a wonderful life with my adopted parents. I was born on 9th October 1968 (unnamed female) at the Parramatta District…
Grainger (nee Smith)  Yvonne

Grainger (nee Smith) Yvonne

Birth:1950. Gave birth to a son 18/4/69 Sydney who was given up for adoption.