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Contact Number: 0423 333787
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Date of Birth: 14th April 1974. You were born Steven Paul Gillan in Brisbane`s Royal Women`s. You were named after our Uncle. I am your older sister Amanda. I have been looking for you ever since our Grandmother told me about you. Unfortunately our beautiful Grandmother passed away in July 07. She felt our family incomplete since your adoption. Our mother doesnt know that I am looking for you. I want to know that you are well and happy in your life. I dont want to cause you or your family any upset or distress. I was unsucessful to obtain your details through any other forum as the right is held by our Mother unless she is deceased then siblings can. Hopefully I will find you this way. I understand if you do not wish to pusue a relationship with me. however. if you could just let me know that you are okay. I promised my Grandmother that I would find you one day. We are a very loving and warm family. I hope to hear from you!

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