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Yes it should be. All listings were imported successfully from our old website. Click here to do a search. If you have done a search and it's not listed on this website please contact Oz Reunion.
Our pages for Adoption Register, Lost Contact, School Reunion NSW, School Reunion QLD, & School Reunion VIC are still listed by page for each letter in the alphabet, as they are fairly large categories. When we redesigned our website (which was well over due) we discovered that many letters of each category ranged from zero entries to just one or two in most cases for unpopular letters such as i, o, p, q, u, v, x, z etc. The total number of listings for each of these categories were not enough to separate them out, so they have been combined, with surnames still coming first and in alphabetical order. The time needed to create each letter for all categories was not viable since each page must be built from scratch using certain elements to make it all look uniform to other pages. You still have the ability to change the number of listing results to 100, and have less pages load.
Yes, look for the padlock in the top of your browser. Our website has a https:// address which denotes a secure site. If you are using Internet Explorer you may get a pop message saying that Oz Reunion has secured data. Ignore this message as it is just stating the obvious.
The simple way is to let us do the work for you. Just fill out the form: CLICK HERE. To submit a listing, a one time payment of $20 is required (no payment required for free categories), with NO RENEWAL fees. Payment must be received before your listing will appear on our site. Once we have approved and uploaded your listing to our website, you will be set up as a new user on our website, then receive your log in details and access code to your listing (via email) so that you will be able to edit it.
Please note that automatic user registrations have been temporarily stopped. Please contact us to register for this site.
After submitting your ad using the listing form, we will create a new user account for you. You will NOT be able to log into our website until we have approved and uploaded your listing. You will receive your log in details (via email) and access code, so that you will be able to edit your listing. All payments need to be cleared before your listing will be approved and appear on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.
All our listings are free to view. The Event Register categories are free to list. All other categories such as school reunions are Classifieds listings, which cost $20 to post a listing.
Yes, we do not store your credit card information and PayPal handles the transaction in a secure environment (look for the security lock in your browser). PayPal is easy, safe and secure. Click the image below to make a payment for a listing.

Pay Now - you don't need a PayPal account

We have PayPal as our payment system, and this also allows you to make a Visa or Mastercard credit card payment, in a totally secure environment. It is the quickest way of having your listing approved and submitted to our website. Payment is made via credit card or a PayPal account (you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment). You will then be redirected to a secure PayPal page where you will be able to complete the transaction. For more payment options please click here.
You don't need a credit card. We have several other payment options, please click here to receive an email, or see below.
Yes, you can pay using Direct Deposit with your on-line banking facility. Click here to receive an auto reply message with our bank details. Please include the name of the person you are searching for or the email address you used in your listing, in the "payment description/reference" and then let us know you have made a payment in this way, by sending Oz Reunion an email notification.

Yes you can also send us a cheque or money order. Using this option may take longer, so please include the details of your listing with payment. Click here to download a form. You can post a personal cheque/money order to: URL Media & Marketing P.O.Box 7494 Sippy Downs Queensland 4556 Please make cheques payable to URL Media & Marketing (not Oz Reunion). Sorry no international cheques. For more payment options please click here to receive an email.
We are not a big corporation, and this website is administered by volunteers. It may take a little longer during school holidays, but generally within 24 - 48 hours. Classifieds listings will not be listed until payment has been received and approved. If you are paying by PayPal, usually within 24 hours after being approved by PayPal. Other payment methods will take longer.
Mike could be on holidays, but he still checks and approves listings while taking a break. If it's super urgent, contact Oz Reunion and we'll do the best we can. Check our Facebook page for any delays in approving your listing or if our volunteers are away. We sometimes find it difficult to match your listing with your payment. This could be due to one of these reasons:
  • we received your listing some time ago
  • you used a different email address in your listing, from your payment, or
  • there was no order/reference number with the transaction.
It makes it hard to find your listing amongst the hundreds of listings we receive each week. So please contact us if there is a problem.
Whenever you fill out an online form an automatic email is sent to the person filling out the form. This is a computer generated email and unless you intend submitting another listing please disregard it.
No, you are not placed on any email list, so there is no need to unsubscribe or let us know that you do not wish to proceed with a listing. If payment is not made for a classifieds listing, then it is archived and does not appear on our website.
New listings are usually automatically posted to our Facebook page, extending your audience. We sometimes select old listings from time to time and post them on our Facebook page, so there are no guarantees that it will be seen there. We do however take requests and will endeavour to do so.
We rely on our website to be the main source of information. Mr Google likes it that way, and that's how we connect with so many successful reunions. Not everyone has a Facebook account, but we do have a direct feed on the home page of our website.
The quickest way to edit your ad without signing in, is to have your access key emailed to you, after you have registered for this site. Under the "EDIT AD" tab in the main navigation menu. Follow the prompts as seen below. Another way to edit your ad is to login to this site. Follow the prompts if you have forgotten your password. Then either find your ad on our website and click the "edit ad" button above your listing or in the navigation menu, hover over the "Login & Register" tab, then click the "Edit Ad" button. Click here to go there now. From there you will access the Ad Management panel in the back end of the website to edit your Ad. Click the link to end up on this page. From here you can also place another listing or delete/edit your existing ad. Click "Oz Reunion" in the top left hand corner to return to the website.
If you have misplaced or forgotten your access code, you can have one emailed to you, so that you can edit your listing.


Please note: if you are not set up as a user on our new website, with a listing attributed to you, you will need to contact us, so that we can manually set you up.
If you have an ad on our new website already, and don't have log in details or an access code, you will need to contact Oz Reunion and we can provide you with your new user log in details. So that we can assign you as the user for your current listing, please also let us know the information that you want to include/change. We cannot delete, edit or assign a listing to you unless we know:
  • the surname of the person you are searching for
  • the category they are listed in
  • OR if it's a school reunion, what is the school name and state?
  • the original email address supplied by you in the listing
Please note that if the original email address supplied by you in the listing, is different to your new one, we need to know the original email address before I can edit your listing or assign a listing to you. This will protect your privacy and allow us to verify who you are.
Your privacy is important to us, so the only way to verify who you are is to confirm your original email address. We can provide a "hint" but without it we cannot change a listing.
No. However, more than two requests for Oz Reunion to change a listing will incur an admin fee of $20.00
Yes you can, and there is no extra charge for this. log into your account, find your ad then "edit the ad". Or, you can email us the photo with surname of the person you are searching for, and the category they are listed in. Size of the photo should be less than 1Mb and about 800 pixels wide.
Log into your account and delete the listing (see info above). It is at the discretion of Oz Reunion whether or not a listing is deleted or changed if you ask us to do it. Please see our terms of service for more information, and also "how to edit your listing" (above). You must know the original email from your listing for us to consider deleting a listing. Send a request to us: click here.
We are unable to act as an intermediary between two parties. These are sensitive matters which we will not get involved with. If you have not received a response, please keep trying or consider creating a listing on our website yourself. In some circumstances we can forward your information on, if we have any other details on file, and the email is not invalid, but there are no guarantees of success, and it is entirely up to the original lister if they respond. If you have not received a response from your own listing on our website, firstly check that the email you submitted is working by clicking the "contact lister" link on the listing. If it is working o.k, then this means that no one has responded to your listing.
Unfortunately your message will be returned undelivered. This means that the email address which was initially supplied to us is now invalid. For privacy reasons Oz Reunion cannot provide any further information on the original lister. The best solution would be for you to create a listing yourself so that it appears beneath that entry with your details. That way, if the user returns to our site, they will see the entry you created. To submit a listing visit this page: and fill out the form, together with your payment details. These success stories are disappointing when the original user does not let us know their new email address, as it is their responsibility to notify Oz Reunion. There are no guarantees when or if they will return. Eventually many do return, but it is difficult to know when.
Usually all the information we have on file is listed on the website (except for email addresses). If you have received a "bounced" response which indicates an invalid email address, it means that the person who submitted the listing has not informed us of their new email address. It is their responsibility to let us know. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose any further information to you, such as email addresses or postal address, due to privacy issues. In some circumstances we can forward your information on, if we have any other details on file & if their email is valid. There are no guarantees of success, and it is entirely up to the original lister if they respond.
No. we don't monitor email traffic on our website and we cannot tell you how long the listing has been on our website, as most listings do not have an accurate date stamp on the listing.
Yes you can. Advertising “tenancy” rates start at only $40/month. Click here to see our rate card.
Yes, particularly if the listing offends you and contravenes our terms of service. Contact Oz Reunion and we will delete the listing from our website. Please note we are not responsible how search engine (such as Google) results are displayed and you should report any "dead links" to the relevant search engine once the information has been removed from our website.

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