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Insight on SBS TV – Media Call

We are working with Insight, on SBS TV, and they are looking to speak with people who have reunited with close friends or family after a long period of separation. What were your expectations? What was it like when you reunited? What has it been like since you found each other? Insight would like to speak with people who have a range of experiences- whether you have had a positive or negative outcome from the reunion, share your story by emailing Insight producer, Amanda Xiberras, at

Please let Amanda know that you saw this post at Oz Reunion. Visit their website

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ABC TV Can We Help 21 Sep 2007

Julie, Gary and Kim reunited

Episode 32, Friday 21 September , 2007
Lost and Found – Episode 32

Julie was left with her bottle and clean nappies and instructions on how to care for her. The abandoned baby captured the public’s hearts as the story spread. Julie was adopted out and spent the next nineteen years unaware of her traumatic start to life. Now aged 51 she has spent the last thirty years trying to piece together the missing parts of her life.

Her birth certificate gave her the name of her mother and a reunion website has helped her locate two siblings. Gary and Kim had also been abandoned by Julie’s mother as very young children and they both had a very difficult start in life. DNA testing confirmed the three shared the same mother.

Although Julie had been able to meet up with her half brother Gary in Queensland, their plans to have Kim present as well fell through as she wasn’t able to make it up from Melbourne, so this is when Julie turned to ‘Can We Help?’. We organised for Gary and Kim to meet Julie at her house in Sydney.

The initial contact with Julie, and the chance to have all three of them together has proved to be a powerful connection as they hope to find out more about their mother.

[Julie] To have my own flesh and blood, I can’t tell you what that means, it’s wonderful.

[Kim] I feel very blessed for this today because it’s really been a long time coming.

[Julie] I’m still looking for Mum and although I don’t want to cause her any stress or problems, she may have another life now, if I could just have a photo to see what she looks like, I’d be forever grateful for that.

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Weekend Sunrise 14 May 2006

After administrating this website for over 6 years, and after countless reunions that Oz Reunion has been responsible for, finally the search is over for me. This website does work, and I can now say I am proof of that!

It is a wonderful story of hope and happiness, especially for those still searching, but it also is a story with a touch of sadness. I had nearly lost all hope, until one day…. Please see my amazing story below and everyone should know not to give up hope in finding answers. There is always hope, and good luck with your search.

Mike Doroshenko