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I've just turned 64 and am not really all that well sadly there’s really only one thing on my bucket list. I lost the one real love I ever had back in the wonderful 80's early 90's. Her name was Jenny Myers or Jenny. I called her, another nickname was JJ. I still have her tattoo on my left arm and she's the first thing I think of when I wake and the last thing at night. Originally from the eastern suburbs of Sydney alas, due to "family" domestic problems she had to move interstate, never to be seen again and start a new and safer life by leaving the one she knew behind.

Unfortunately, although I was not the instigator of her problems that alas meant leaving me behind too. All I wish is to see how her new life turned out, her and son Ben became a tragic yet wonderful page of my life but in my heart. I will always remember her and the joys we shared in Bondi all those years ago. To find out some information would be nice, to hear her voice however would fulfil a 30-year fairy-tale. Fairy tales don't really come true do they.

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