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Wadeston / Wadeson  Norman

Wadeston / Wadeson Norman

. name is Brett Sweeting. I am searching for Norman Wadeson / Wadeston(birth father)from sydney. My mothers name is Sharon Dyson(last name may have been cropp)at the time) I…
Town of Origin: Sydney
WALBURN  Deborah Lee

WALBURN Deborah Lee

Date of birth: May 1964. Birth mother wanting to contact daughter.
Town of origin: Inverell N.S.W
Waldie  Clarissa

Waldie Clarissa

Date of Birth: 8/12/1970. Would like to find my to know if she`s happy. healthy. married. has children. There is not a day goes by that i don`t think…
Town of Origin: Melbourne
Walker  Alan Bruce

Walker Alan Bruce

Date of Birth: 27 april 1945. would like to find birth mother possible name Burton to obtain some medical background.
Town of Origin: Drummoyne sydney
WALKER  Patricia Anne

WALKER Patricia Anne

Born 26 March 1931 Christchurch New Zealand. Last known to be in Fitzgerald St. Northam WA (1959). Looking for my birth mother. I was born on 13/7/1959 at St. Annes…
Walker  Robert

Walker Robert

Date of Birth: 18/03/1952. just after info on my real mum and dad c if they are alive or past on
Origin: womens hospital sydney
Walker, Edward Fredrick

Walker, Edward Fredrick

Looking for my brother Edward Fredrick Walker. Edward was born on 19 August 1922 at Crown St Womens Hospital to Everet and Lima Coltman. Edward was adopted in 1925 by…
Wall  Kerry Patricia

Wall Kerry Patricia

Year of Birth: 1940. Looking 4 birth mother. who came from Qld. she was 19 at the time of my birth! My mother was residing at DeeWhy at the time…
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Wall  Suzanne Maree

Wall Suzanne Maree

Date of Birth: 22-5-52. Please looking for my Mum I was born Christopher Wall I would like to do this right I need my mum xxx
Town of Origin: Nhulunbuy
WALLACE Alison Rebecca

WALLACE Alison Rebecca

REUNITED. I was born 1st June 1976 at Hornsby District... . I am looking for my birth mother or father.


Date of Birth: 1949-1950. Looking for a lady who was born to 1949-1950. Mothers name was Mary Veronica Walls. She was adopted out with father listed as unknown. Mary was…
Town of Origin: Mansfield
Walsh  Anne

Walsh Anne

. I was born Shane Micheal Walsh on 15/12/60 at Crown St womans hospital.Sydney Aust. I have not stopped thinking of what should`ve been. I live on the Central Coast…
Walsh  Bridget Patricia

Walsh Bridget Patricia

Date of Birth: 11 March 1927. Hi my name is Linda Joan Witt born 2 September 1958. Gladesville NSW. Birth mother last known is Walsh living at 26 Dent St…
Town of Origin: Eire Waterford


Date of Birth: 5 July 1944. I am looking for my birthmother. I was born on 7 March 1966 at Mona Vale Hospital. I have a close family now. but…
Town of Origin: Maryborough QLD
Walsh  Kenneth

Walsh Kenneth

. Looking for my father or family. My mother Margaret passed away when I was 4. We were from north Brisbane. Last known address of father was Gosford. NSW. He…
Origin: Ireland
WALSH  Kenneth John

WALSH Kenneth John

. I am looking from my brother who was fostered about 36 years ago. He was fostered at one time by a family called Duckworth. He was in the area…
He was in the area of Brisbane
WALSH  Patricia Rose

WALSH Patricia Rose

I was born in Annandale. Sydney on 14th april 1959.. I am looking for my birth mother Patricia Rose Walsh. I was born in Annandale. Sydney on 14th april 1959.…
Born in Sydney
Walsh (nee)  Margaret

Walsh (nee) Margaret

Date of Birth: ca 1940. My wife Robin and me. Kevin Wilks would like to have the opportunity to contact the birth mother of our adopted son. James Kevin Wilks…
Town of Origin: Mudgee NSW
WALSH baby  Searching for Daughter

WALSH baby Searching for Daughter

Date of Birth: 16.5.63. I am searching for my daughter who was born at the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital at Rose Park. S.A. I have never stopped loving you. and…
Town of Origin: Rose Park S.A.
Walters  Ron

Walters Ron

Date of Birth: Approx. 1945. In 1970 you met a young girl named Pam and she gave birth to a boy named Dean on 25th May 1971. A few days…
Town of Origin: Brighton. VIC
Walters  Susan Louise

Walters Susan Louise

. I was born on January 15th 1987. in Auburn Hospital NSW. My birth name was Christopher John Walters and I am searching for my birth mum. Susan Louise Walters.…
Town of Origin: Sydney
Ward  Dorothy

Ward Dorothy

Year of Birth: 1930 (approx). Dorothy had a baby by the name of Karleene at the Paddington hosptital NSW. This child was adopted and renamed Terry by her adopted family.…
Town of Origin: Maryborough
Warren  Bruce

Warren Bruce

Date of Birth: 3/10/1967. I am looking for my son. Bruce adopted at birth. The pain of not knowing him has haunted me from that day. Love is the only…
Town of Origin: Lithgow


Birth Date 23/03/1977 . Female baby adopted out shortly after birth. Birth Date 23/03/1977 at the Townsville General Hospital. Birth mothers name at the time was Petra WARSOW - name…
Townsville General Hospital
Waters?  Robert ?

Waters? Robert ?

Dateofbirth: 6-9-1973. Im looking for my brother born womens hospital crown street. sydney. his name then was Robert Waters. I was born at the same place on 21-12-1971. would…
WATKINS  Patricia

WATKINS Patricia

Date of birth: 4th June. 1952. I am looking for my birth mother Patricia Watkins. I was born on the 13th June. 1970. and I was named Nicole Lyn Watkins.…
Town of origin: Cardiff. Wales
WATSON  (maiden name)  Valma May

WATSON (maiden name) Valma May

Born Sydney - 1939. Searching for any information on birth mother - Valma May Watson. I was born 15/10/56 at Elm Salvation Army Home. West Hobart. Tasmania. and named Vicki…


Date of Birth: 15/07/1973. My son was taken from me by my mothers friend. her sister who worked with fostering & the sisters husband who was a senior detective seargent…
Town of Origin: CAMPERDOWN
WATSON  Barbara Anne

WATSON Barbara Anne

who gave birth to a daughter on the 28th June. 1962. I am looking for Barbara Anne Watson who gave birth to a daughter on the 28th June. 1962. I…
Watson  Gaylene

Watson Gaylene

Date of Birth: 15 feb 1949. We are looking for Gaylene Ann Watson who gave up a baby Jacinta Louise born at Ivanhoe private hospital in Melbourne 19 June 1967…
Town of Origin: Tasmania

A million thanks for the incredible service

Very pleased to say that my brother saw the entry I posted in Oz Reunion on March 7 and emailed me last week. All we knew was his birth name and that he was born a few years after me. We are now in contact - after 49.5 years. A million thanks for the incredible service you offer!


Oz Reunion changed our lives

After twelve and a half years of searching for our older sister, I found her two years ago thanks to my very small post that had been sitting on Mike's website for a few years. I had found my birth family in the mid 80s, and a chance comment in 2000 started this search. Even though we'd all met up two years ago, it was only three weeks ago at our youngest sister's surprise 60th birthday lunch that we were all together for the very first time in our lives. Words cannot express our thanks enough - Mike, without you and your website, our lives would not be filled with the happiness we now have.


You have changed my life

I would like to thank Mike and the team at Oz Reunion for helping me find my family after 27 years, I was reunited with my birth mum and siblings. On the 4th of May 2014 we were all together reunited as was. Thank you Mike for all your help. You have changed my life, and from overnight being an only child I have gained so much.


No words can express my gratitude

It was my add on your site that brought not only my biological Mother and I together but also my biological Father. I am now surrounded by all these wonderful people, who have so much love and joy at finding me after 41 years of wondering if I was safe and happy. It is an amazing experience and they are beautiful people. I'm still in the process of meeting their families and have 7 half brothers and sisters to meet as well. Not a day goes by that I don't smile at all that has happened in such a short time. Thank you again for providing Australia with such an easy way to reunite people.


You have made my life complete

Thanks to your website I have found my 3 Children, twins and a daughter, after 28 years of searching, we have been in contact and i have communicated with the children, I will even be meeting one of them face to face tomorrow , cant thank you enough OZ REUNION You have made my life complete, we are all back together again. Cant believe all this is happening, its like a dream come true for me, my head is still spinning, after 28 Years of searching for them and only a matter of months advertised on your site we are reunited, Thank you so much, OZ REUNION, I may never have found them without your site. Thank You Thank You.

John Remington

Amazing! Thank you once again

I just wanted you to know that we have been successful in finding Ellen (birth mother) & other family members thanks to your site. As a result of your site, a half-brother that we didn't know even existed. So thank you VERY VERY much!! We felt like we had hit the final brick wall in ever finding anyone else, & then everything just snowballed over a period of 2 weeks. Amazing! Thank you once again for all that you've been instrumental in achieving for us.

Robyn & John Holloway

Thanks again for making my dream come true

Thankyou for your website. it is the best thing ever. Well i have found my dad. He is alive and very healthy. thanks to all those people that emailed me and rang me with information. I now have a very large family. My dad has five other children and my mum has two and I'm the oldest of 3 sisters and four brothers. My dad is Douglas John Uerbergang. I'm very happy and my life is complete. I met my dad in July 2007 and the best thing was my mum {Mary} came with me. They hadn't seen each other since i was born. That was 47 yrs ago. It was the proudest day of my life. Not many other people would have the luck as i did to have both birth parents at the meeting.

Vikki Godden

How can I ever thank you enough

It was a simple post on your website which led to my adoption reunion through a programme on TV .... like many others here I had nearly given up hope of ever "knowing". I now have my birth mother & 4 siblings in my life and there is plenty of love for all! Finding out about my mother, wonderful brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews & close indigenous family ties are just the beginning. How can I ever thank you enough Mike, for making the phone call that gave me a fairy tale ending.

Jeny OHara

This is better than winning lotto!

Thank you so much , today I spoke to my son for the very first time, oh joy to finally get my one wish i.e. to learn that he was and is and always will be part of a beautiful and very loving family , into which he was welcomed with so much love and joy ,since I had to let him go in February 1969. This is better than winning the lotto!!. Thank you so, so much for your marvellous site, my son Jamie and I met for the first time in thirty eight and half years, on 17th August at Adelaide airport, oh what a wonderful moment, we hugged immediately and I truly thought my heart would burst with love and pride, that this fine young man was actually my son. The pure joy of that meeting will remain with me always. Watch the video: click here

Phyllis Roycroft

Thank you for this great website

When I was little my birth mother disappeared from my sisters and my life this was 1963 .. my dad had remarried and we all moved on. We have both been on a long and exhaustive search trying to piece together the puzzle Kept coming up empty, until Kim stumbled across an entry on Oz Reunion in the Adoption Register. She found a name & looked it up, and low and behold all the information that we have SO DOES POSSIBLY ONE OF OUR LONG LOST SIBLINGS who we know nothing about. This is the first real breakthrough in nearly 40 years and the first small piece of info that has come across our paths. Thank you to the website hopefully we can get the rest of the puzzle solved and move on. This has given us plenty of hope and has made us all a family again has changed all of our lives. Watch the video: click here

Gary Sturdy and Kim

A big thank you to Oz Reunion

Through the TV show, Find My Family, who got my details from your website, I was able to be re-united with my Birth Mother and family. A big thank you to Oz Reunion, I now know where I come from, which is very important. Thank you.

Tracy Stephens

Reunited with my birth mother after 54 years

Thank you Mike. Through registering on your site I was approached by the team from Find My Family which led to me being reunited with my birth mother after 54 years. We were reunited on April 4/5 2009 (April 5 being my birthday) I also now have a sister and brother and 7 new nephews. To those of you who are still searching please don't give up it is worth it in the end.


What a fantastic website

I had a listing on your adoption website. My son and I have just (last night) reunited successfully thanks to your reunion site. My listing in the ‘Adoption’ section of Oz Reunion was posted for a very short 5 months. What a fantastic website. Thank you Oz Reunion. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ciao and thanks forever Trisha & Mark. Read their story: click here  

Trisha Lynne Garnett

God bless you for this

There is no way I could ever thank you enough!! Had it not been for Oz Reunion, chances are that my 'brother' would have remained dead, as I thought he was. Instead, because of Oz Reunion, I have been able to embrace my brother, to look him in the eye, and to know after 34 years that he's alive, and we can be together again, forever!! There may be miles, but there will never again be distance! God bless you for this. It would have never happened without your website. Watch the video: Click here

Tom Fairfull

Such a great asset

I placed a notice on Oz Reunion quite a few years ago and since then I have found a Sister, cousins and an uncle. Low and behold, a couple of weeks ago I got an email reply from Oz Reunion and it was from my Brother. Wow, we are going to meet each other for the first time this week. I'm so excited. Thank you Oz Reunion for being such a great asset.

David Bush

Brilliant result

After several years of trying to find info of an old school friends where abouts i came across Oz Reunion. I thought same old, same old, but how wrong can you be.I asked two simple questions and within half an hour i was sent a phone number and the rest is history. Thank you so much to the staff of Oz Reunion. Brilliant result.

Snowy Rowe