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RABITT (birth name) Tyler (Spelling may be different)    Jacquiline

RABITT (birth name) Tyler (Spelling may be different) Jacquiline

born in Rochdale. England. on 29th July 1969. She was adopted when she was still a baby. Adopted by a…
Raes  Nadine

Raes Nadine

Date of Birth: 15.12.1958. I would like to know who my birth mother or father are. I was adopted as…
RANDALL  Benjamin John

RANDALL Benjamin John

. See Here I Am entry. UNDER "R". click here for more info
Raoul  Kim

Raoul Kim

Date of Birth: 20/03/1961. i used kim raoul as a birthname for my son who was taken from me by…
RASMUSSEN nee Roberts  Ruth Christine

RASMUSSEN nee Roberts Ruth Christine

Year of Birth: 1926 ??. Desperately seeking Ruth Rasmussen. formerly Roworth nee Roberts who relinquished her children around 1952-54. Tony.…
Rath  Rae Salom

Rath Rae Salom

. I am searching for my Dad`s birth mother. All we know is that he was born in Rockhampton on…
Read  Cherrie

Read Cherrie

Date of Birth: 21 September 1971. Hi. I am looking for my half sister who was adopted out at birth.…
REES  Jia Anthony

REES Jia Anthony

around 30-33 years . I am searching for my brother. I found out 12 months ago that my mother had…
Reid  Thomas

Reid Thomas

04/01/1979. i am looking for my brother thomas who was born on glasgow and adopted out and last known to…


. Any information on this person would be much appreciated.
Reinhardt  Herbert

Reinhardt Herbert

Date of Birth: 26th june 1936. My name is catherine Mauger/coulter. Sutton at birth i was born 9th march 1964…
Renfrey  Enid Elizabeth

Renfrey Enid Elizabeth

Date of Birth: aprox 1914. Enid Elizabeth is my Birth Mother. I was born at Hiedelberg House Melb.4th Jan. 1939.…
Renfrey  Simon

Renfrey Simon

Date of Birth: 03/06/1971. I gave birth to you at Royal Women`s Hospital. I called you Simon Peter but the…
REYNOLDS  Elsie Sarah

REYNOLDS Elsie Sarah

Born Perth Western Australia in 1914. she gave birth to a daughter on 12.11.1945 in Brisbane at Boothville hospital named…
Richards  Kay Annette

Richards Kay Annette

Date of Birth: 26 Feb 1946. I am seeking to find my birth mother. She lived in Tasmania at the…
Richardson  Diane

Richardson Diane

SUCCESS. Diane gave birth to a baby boy and he was adopted. Hoping to get any information about birth mother…
RICHMOND  Margaret Georgina

RICHMOND Margaret Georgina

Born Brisbane 1925. Margaret is my birthmother and I would love to contact her to let her know that I…
Riley  Debra Anne

Riley Debra Anne

Date of Birth: 05/09/1966. Hi all. I am searching for my biological mother Debra Anne Riley. Born to Carol Anne…
Rimmer  June

Rimmer June

Date of Birth: 26.6.1949. Steven Rimmer 13.8.69 is Searching for Birth Mother June Rimmer also a sibling born march 1968.…
RIORDAN  Stephen James

RIORDAN Stephen James

Date of birth: 22.8.67. This is the name on your original birth certificate. You were born at Bethany Hospital in…
Ripley  Ruby

Ripley Ruby

Date of Birth: 18/08/1975. I was adopted at birth and would like to locate my birth mother.
Robb (Maiden Name)  Yvonne

Robb (Maiden Name) Yvonne

Year of Birth: 1934. I`m looking for my biological mother. who came to New Zealand on holiday in 196/64. and…
Roberts  Helen

Roberts Helen

REUNITED. Helen Frances Roberts born at Brisbane Royal WomenÂ’s hospital. Sister has been searching for you. Any information gratefully recieved.
Roberts  Margaret Mary

Roberts Margaret Mary

Date of Birth: unknown. possibly 1932. My mother and I are searching for her natural mother. Margaret Mary Roberts. My…
Roberts / Siderus  Hazel / John

Roberts / Siderus Hazel / John

. we are looking for birth mother.s family and birth father`s family all sisters and brothers of the siderus/ roberts…
ROBERTSON   Kathlene Ada

ROBERTSON Kathlene Ada

Born Kathlene Ada Robertson 16-07-1948. Darlinghurst Sydney. I`m searching for my sister. Born Kathlene Ada Robertson 16-07-1948. Darlinghurst Sydney. Adopted…
Robertson  Anne?

Robertson Anne?

Date of Birth: 27.04.1962. I am your full sister born 1964 to Patricia Robertson and Leonard Bartlett. Would love to…
Robertson  Carianne

Robertson Carianne

Date of Birth:0421972. Trying to locate Carianne Robertson. Born at Crown Street Hospital. Sydney. Lived in Mildura (Madden Ave)until being…
Robins  Gwenda

Robins Gwenda

Date of Birth: 12/11/1941. I was born Leanne Joy Robins at The Haven (Salvation Army`s home for unmarried mothers and…
ROBINSON  Christen


Born to Patricia Skeen /Robinson and Albert Robinson on 11th April 1986. At the Royal Women`s Hospital. Brisbane.. My name…
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