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Packham  Harold

Packham Harold

Date of Birth: Approx 1945. Harold was adopted by Joyce and Lionel Packham. Both have passed and his brother Doug Packham would like to contact Harold.


Date of birth: 03/12/1975. My Son was born in TRARALGON hospital Dec 3rd 1975. His birth name was Brian Padfield. I am searching for his whereabouts. He has a brother…
Page  Emily Ann

Page Emily Ann

. I was born on the 08/02/1962 in Hillcrest hospital Merewether N.S.W and named Stephen Michael Page by my birth mother.
PAGE  Erin Joanne

PAGE Erin Joanne

Date of birth: 31-12-1980. I gave up a beautiful little girl for adoption nearly 23 years ago. have been searching for her for ages. I am running out of ways…
Page  Lesley

Page Lesley

Birth: 1952?. My parents (Sutherland) of Blackburn were unable to adopt her so every holiday come and stay. I have pics of Lesley about age 6 years. Came from Sth.Melb…
PAKOTI  Leanne


Date of birth: November. I am looking for my neice Whom was adopted out in either 1986 - 1987. She was born November 1981 at Auburn Hospital Sydney Australia. Her…
PALMER  Brett William

PALMER Brett William

Date of Birth: 7th July 1976. I am searching for Brett William Palmer (the name on the original birth certificate). You were born in the Townsville Mater Hospital on the…
Palmer  Douglas Norman Leonard

Palmer Douglas Norman Leonard

Date of Birth: 22 November 1965. Searching for my birthfather. Douglas Norman Leonard Palmer. born 22 Nov 1965. in Brisbane Women`s Hospital.
Palmer  Everlyn

Palmer Everlyn

. Everlyn Palmer is the maiden name of the mother who adopted out a girl. born 8/9/1973 in Melbourne. The daughter now lives in Spain and has found me the…
PANTON (married name)  Jane

PANTON (married name) Jane

. I was born 18/09/1965 at Ashgrove to Jane. I was named Terry Lee I beleive. She was english as was my father who served in the English Merchant Navy.…
Parker  Dorothy Ashmore

Parker Dorothy Ashmore

Year of Birth:1926. I`m searching for my mother`s birth mother. she gave birth to my mother on 24th September 1940 and her mother arranged a private adoption through mutual friends…
Parker  Gerard or Gerald (may have changed through adoption)

Parker Gerard or Gerald (may have changed through adoption)

Date of Birth: 1960/1961?. I am searching for my brother. Born to Betty Irene Parker (24/01/1920)in either 1960 or 1961. Your older brother is searching for you.
Parker  Wilma May

Parker Wilma May

REUNITED. Searching for birth mother and siblings. I was born 5/10/1968 a girl adopted. My name now is Katisha.
Parker (maiden name)  Maureen Elaine

Parker (maiden name) Maureen Elaine

Date of Birth: 14th March 1938. Searching for my birthmother. I was born on 28/12/1954 at KEMH in Perth and given the name Stella. I have been searching with no…
PARRY  (un-named).

PARRY (un-named).

Date of birth: Born 23-08-1968. You were born at Crown St. Woman`s Hospital. a healthy boy. You were placed in their care on 02-10-68 and on 26-06-1969 you were adopted…
Parry  Michael

Parry Michael

Date of Birth: 24/10/1950. I was born Michael parry (I have been told) on 24/10/1950. I am looking for any family connection that will be able to give me any…
Passmore  Kathrine

Passmore Kathrine

Date of Birth: 16/2/79. My husband Wayne Passmore has not seen his daughter since birth. He is finding it had to deal with his emotions due to stress. he needs…


. My name is Robyn Easton (born Karen Lee Pallant on 12 June 1962 at Royal Women`s. Carlton. Melbourne). I am searching for my birth father Robert Patterson (Bob. Bobby).…
PATTERSON nee Mullavey  May Jessie

PATTERSON nee Mullavey May Jessie

. I`m looking for my birth mother. I was born 30/07/1962 in Brisbane and named John. I believe I may have a number of siblings. Any help you could give…
PAUL  Natalie Jane

PAUL Natalie Jane

SUCCESS. Searching for my natural daughter named Natalie by her adoptive parents. adopted out at Crown Street Women`s hospital. Would love to meet her. She has a brother 13months old…
Paul  Peter

Paul Peter

Date of Birth: 4-10-1958. looking for my brother.
PAYNE  Catherine

PAYNE Catherine

REUNITED. i am searching for my adopted sister - our mother (Barbara Payne later Hollands) gave birth to you between 1966 - 1968 at the Mercey Adoption Agency Waitara? -…
PEACE  Ronald Arthur George

PEACE Ronald Arthur George

Date of birth: 1970?. I am looking for my brother. My birth name was Amanda-Jane Eileen Peace. Our father`s name was Dennis William Peace. I would appreciate any help in…


REUNITED. I was born David PEAK to Douglas Donald PEAK & Norma Imelda and adopted 6 days later said to be youngest of four children. Birth parents not married to…
PEARCE  Narelle Linda

PEARCE Narelle Linda

Date of birth: 24/8/74. I gave birth to Narelle (who I named Samantha) at the Queen Victoria Hospital Adelaide on 24/8/04. She was adopted by William and Raelene Pearce 6…
PECK  Valerie

PECK Valerie

. Valerie was my birth mother. She lived at Canterbury Rd. Heathmont. Vic. I was born on October 26. 1959 at Bethesda Hospital. Marrickville. Sydney. I am searching for my…
Pecyna  Maria

Pecyna Maria

Date of Birth: 1933. I am looking for my Birth Mother. I was born on 26th May 1956 at St Margaret`s Hospital. Darlinghurst. Sydney. I was adopted from St Anthony`s…
PENDER  Enid Joan

PENDER Enid Joan

. Have been unable to contact her. Any information on this lady would be most appreciated.


. My name is Robert searching for birth mother. Born in Clare hospital 7/4/72. Mother`s surname Penny. Have no other information.
Perkins  Joan

Perkins Joan

Birth: 1908. The writer is John Charles Tozer. born to d subsequently adopted four years later by Charles and Annie Tozer of 342 Elizabeth Sydne. The search is to find…