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Hale  Megan

Hale Megan

REUNITED. Searching for Birth Mother. I was born on 18th July 1981 at 6pm. My birth name was Matthew James.…
Hales  Kevin Alfred

Hales Kevin Alfred

Date of Birth: 21 Nov 1944-5?. Mother`s maiden name Arnold. grandmother Kennedy.
Hall  Jean Lilian

Hall Jean Lilian

. My husband was born David Graham Hall to Jean Lilian Hall at Ryde District Memorial Hospital on 2 April…
Hall  Lynette Faye

Hall Lynette Faye

. My birthmother is Lynette Faye Hall. I was born on 19 April 1965 at the Mercy Hospital in Albury…
Hall  Lynette Joan

Hall Lynette Joan

Year of Birth: 1948. Born as Richard James Hall on the 11th January to Lynette Joan Hall and then was…
Halley, James (Jim)

Halley, James (Jim)

Searching for birth father. Baby boy born Woodville South Australia on 24th Jan 1965. adopted out soon after birth to…
Hamilton  Elizabeth Ann

Hamilton Elizabeth Ann

Birth:1954?. I am searching for Elizabeth Ann Hamilton previously Elizabeth Ann Kirkham. Possibly lived in the Belgrave/Kallista region 1980. May…
Hannigan  Mitch

Hannigan Mitch

Date of Birth: 1966/7. hi i am looking for my son which my girlfriend gave birth to in Perth and…
Hardwick  Georgia

Hardwick Georgia

Date of Birth: 10 June 1973. I was 18 when I gave birth to my daughter who was then taken…
Hardwick or Moore  Adam

Hardwick or Moore Adam

Date of Birth: unknown 1969-1973. I`m looking for my adopted uncle who was born between my mother born in 1967…
Harper  Gloria Margaret

Harper Gloria Margaret

. I am searching for my birth mother Gloria Margaret Harper. She gave birth to me on 29 Oct 1954…
HARPER  Joanne


Born Oct 1968 Brisbane. My daughter and she was born in Oct 1968 or thereabouts Her existence was unknown to…


Birth: 1956. I`m looking for my birth mother. I was born in July 1971.
HARRIS  Margaret Mary

HARRIS Margaret Mary

. I am looking for my birth mother. Just hope I am not too late. She was 21 at the…
Harris  Peter

Harris Peter

Date of Birth: 03/11/1956. Looking for relatives of Peter. I am his daughter and I am trying to trace my…


Date of Birth: JANUARY 1988. Todd. I think of you everyday. I would love to make contact with you. to…
Harris  Yvonne Louise

Harris Yvonne Louise

Date of Birth: 21/07/1972. Yvonne is my little sister. she was adopted out at birth. I would love to contact…
HARRISON  Audrey Jean

HARRISON Audrey Jean

Date of birth: 20 January 1930. Audrey gave birth to a son at Rotorua Hospital in New Zealand. on August…
HARRISON  Barbara Ann

HARRISON Barbara Ann

. I am looking for my mother who let me get adopted into another family. She was born on the…
Harrison  Judith Anne and Edward John

Harrison Judith Anne and Edward John

Judith- 4th April 1943 Edward- 6th February 1934. I am searching for my sons fathers birthparents or any of their…
Harrison  Judith Anne and Edward John

Harrison Judith Anne and Edward John

Date of Birth: Judith- 4th April 1943. Edward- 6th February 1934. I am searching for my sons fathers birthparents or…
HARRISON, Florence

HARRISON, Florence

My father was born in the Crown Street Women's Hospital, Surry Hills NSW on the 13th of January 1954. His…
Harry  Valerie

Harry Valerie

Date of Birth: ?/?/1933?. Looking for my birth mother. She was 23 when she gave birth to me at the…
Hart  Jenifer Ann

Hart Jenifer Ann

Date of Birth: 22 October 1939. I hope this finds my mum
Hart  Madeline or Marilyn

Hart Madeline or Marilyn

Date of Birth: 9 Feb 1952. I am looking for my sister who was born at southport private hospital. her…
Hart  Marie

Hart Marie

Date of Birth: 1935/36. Looking for my birth mother.Born 4/9/63 @Hornsby Hospital.Birth Name Mellesa Greer Hart.Adopted name Susan Richardson
Hart (maiden name)  Gayle Thelma Mary

Hart (maiden name) Gayle Thelma Mary

Birth:approx 1942. I am looking for my birth mother. I was born on 23 September 1964 at Murwillumbah in a…
Harvey  Ivy

Harvey Ivy

Date of Birth: 22/08/1946. looking for her. she`s my birth mother. gave birth to melbourne in 1969. looking to…
Harvey  Susan Mary

Harvey Susan Mary

. Birth Mother. gave birth to baby girl on 10th May 1968 at Crowne St Womens Hospital. Darlinghurst. Adoption through…
Harvey (maiden name)  Rita

Harvey (maiden name) Rita

. i am looking for my birth mother. i was born at Queen victoria hospital adelaide 10-11-1960
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