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Cain/Kane  Margaret

Cain/Kane Margaret

Date of Birth: Feb/March 1972. My mother had a baby girl at the Royal Women`s Hospital. Carlton Aust. and was told the baby was still born. She never believed this…
Town of Origin: Carlton. Vic
Callaghan  Narelle Maree

Callaghan Narelle Maree

Date of Birth: 17 December 1957. seeking this person she is the natural birth mother of my son.
Town of Origin:Dalby Qld
Callaghan  Wendy Jean

Callaghan Wendy Jean

Date of Birth:08 11 1944. Callaghan was your birth name - I don`t know your adopted name. You are the missing piece in our family jigzaw. I too was adopted…
Town of Origin:Prestatyn. Flintshire. UK
Calvert Terry

Calvert Terry

Date of Birth: 17th November 1975. I am looking for my biological Son his birth name was Terence Manack. his surname was changed when adopted by Linda and Lionel Calvert…
Town of Origin: Durban
Cameron  Fiona

Cameron Fiona

Date of Birth: 4th June 1958. Looking to find Fiona Cameron. She gave birth to a son in 1975 and adopted him out.
Cameron  Pamela

Cameron Pamela

Date of Birth: 11/9/1943. Pamela. I would really love to meet you just once. This is important to me. I need to fill the void that I have. Your first…
Town of Origin: Uralla


His date of birth is 17/7/52 and was born in Sydney. I have just found out about him. His is my brother. My name is Charmian , DOB 6/1/51. Our…
Camilleri  Jamie Edward

Camilleri Jamie Edward

Date of Birth: 11/04/1976. I am looking for my first born son. My name is Mary Anne. I am his mother & I was 18. his fathers name was Craig…
Town of Origin: Manly. NSW
Campbell  Edith Nancy

Campbell Edith Nancy

Birth: 1919. This is my mother with her maiden name when she was married the surname was Hayes but i heard she was married again to an army man.
Town of Origin: nee jee victoria


Date of birth: 14 November 91. I`m looking for a young boy Rayan Campbell. Born in Sri Lanka as Shehan Niwan and adopted by a couple from Melbourne. I`m your…
Town of origin: Colombo Sri Lanka


also known as JENNY (would have been born around 1964 unsure of exact year). Looking for any birth family. I was born 12/08/1983 St Margaret hospital Darlinghurst. I believe my…
Carson  Julie Irene

Carson Julie Irene

Date of Birth: 01/04/1950. I would like to make contact or have communication with my 1/2 sister who was born on the 01/04/1950. Her birth mother was Irene Betty Carson.I…
Town of Origin: Perth WA


Year of Birth: 1949?. Baby boy born 03/02/70 at Boothville Private Hospital. named Ross at birth. seeeking details on family. Believe mother was 21 years at birth of baby(Carter) was…
Town of Origin: BRISBANE
Carter ?  Debbie / Deborah

Carter ? Debbie / Deborah

1st December ?. My name is Lauren Brisbane. I have since married and go by the last name of Millard. I`m looking for my half sister Debbie. I met her…
Origin: New Zealand
Carter (maiden name)  Jo Anne

Carter (maiden name) Jo Anne

. I was born 29/09/74 at St. Annes hospital. Perth. The attending nun was Sister Christina. My mother had a daughter (name known) two years prior to my arrival. I`d…
Town of Origin: Perth
Cashman  Janey

Cashman Janey

1949 - 1951. Trying to locate my Birth Mother. who was 19 when I was born on 26th April 1969. However unsure if her name "Janey Cashman" is legitimate.
Cassells  Tanya is what I named her. Cassells was on origional birth certificate

Cassells Tanya is what I named her. Cassells was on origional birth certificate

Date of Birth: 22/8/78. I gave birth to a baby girl on 22/8/78 and she was adopted out. I named her Tanya on her birth cirtificate. I would love to…
Town of Origin: Sydney crown street womens hospital
CASSIDY  Anne Veronica

CASSIDY Anne Veronica

Date of birth: 22/02/49 or 06/04/49. Searching for our daughter and sister. Ann Veronica. Born 20/04/49. Croydon. NSW. Adoptive parents. Patrick and Mary. from Woonona. Adoption forced by family in…
Town of origin: Sydney
Catania Margaret

Catania Margaret

Date of Birth: 23/10/54. My name is Michelle Catania at birth DOB 29/8/68. at St Margaret`s hospital. Darlinghurst.Sydney. I`m searching for my birthmother.
Town of Origin: Malta
CHAD, Anthony

CHAD, Anthony

Date of birth 7/7/1946. You were adopted aged about 5yrs after being fostered. You have a sister trying to locate you and have just found out your name & date…
Chalmers  Christine Ann

Chalmers Christine Ann

10/4/1953. I am a male born on the 26 october 1973 at the royal womens hospital. Brisbane. Christine named me Grant Dennis Chalmers.If anybody can help me please contact me.
Brisbane/Darling Downs
Chalmers  Mathew

Chalmers Mathew

. my wife is looking for her son.she had to give up at the age of 15 for adoption as she lived at home with her parents her father was…
Town of Origin: Bardwell park
Chan  Mavis Ida

Chan Mavis Ida

Date of Birth: 29/04/1928. i was born in melb jessie mcpherson hospital on the 25th august 1950.i was adopted and my mothers name was ellen yee and father george yee…
Town of Origin: auckland new zealand
Charlton  Beverley Joy

Charlton Beverley Joy

Date of Birth: 26/3/1941. I am searching for my Birth mother. I was born in Mordialloc on the 10/9/1964. my mother would have been 23 at the time. I believe…
Town of Origin: Werribee
Chase  Ernest

Chase Ernest

Date of Birth: approx 1926. Looking for birth father. May have left Melbourne in late 50s and changed name. Am daughter of Betty Collins - born Queen Vic hospital August…
Town of Origin: Brunswick? Melbourne Vic


CHESTER  Janet Lesley

CHESTER Janet Lesley

Date of birth: 1954 - 1955 ish. I was born Kirsty Patrice Chester on September 6th.1971. I don`t wish to cause any grief to anyone. would just like some info…
Town of origin: SYDNEY. NSW
Chicken   Christine

Chicken Christine

SUCCESS. I was adopted out at 6 months. as i was very sick. I would like to make contact with you or any other family.
Town of Origin: Brisbane
CHICKEN, Natasha Leigh

CHICKEN, Natasha Leigh

SUCCESS - I am looking for a cousin who is much loved and missed. Natasha lived with me for approx 6 months then was adopted out and we would all…
Chisholm  Victoria

Chisholm Victoria

Year of Birth: 1952 or 53. I`m searching for my birth mother and father. however I only have info on mother. I was born at Boothville Hospital Brisbane 25/1/72. My…