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Baby  Sophie

Baby Sophie

Date of Birth: 9/4/98. Wanting to contact my birth parents and meet them. I was left in Swan Hill in a park at birth. I was known as baby Sophie…
BABY Morley

BABY Morley

Date of birth: 5.5.1945. I am searching for my father`s birthmother or father. He was born at Islington near Newcastle in N.S.W on 5/5/1945. Would love to find out if…


Date of Birth: maybe 1946/47/or48. I am looking for my brother`s father. his name is Neil Bailey and he lived in Kirrawee NSW (or near-by) he worked for ABC driving…
BAIN  Brian James

BAIN Brian James

D.O.B. 12th MAY 1956. Searching for my brother who was adopted. Mother. Mary McLeod Barclay (maiden name) Bain . D.O.B. 18th August 1931. Any information would be grateful. Thank you.…
BAINBRIDGE  Melanie Victoria

BAINBRIDGE Melanie Victoria

On the 20th June 1977 at about 3.30am. I gave birth to my daughter "Melanie" in Auckland New-Zealand at National Women`s Hospital.


Date of Birth: 27/01/1983. I am looking for my younger sister. I believe the name my mother gave her was Shannon Dale Bainbridge. The only details I have are her…
Bajuk (nee Cummins)  Marianne Lorraine

Bajuk (nee Cummins) Marianne Lorraine

Date of Birth: 21/03/1954. I am searching for my birth mother.
BAKER  Lorraine

BAKER Lorraine

. l would like to contact my birth mother l was adopted when l was 6 months old and l would really like to contact her to see how she…
BALL  Ronald

BALL Ronald

DOB unknown. I am searching for Ronald Ball. DOB unknown. Originally from WA. Last known address was at Canterbury Road Lakemba NSW and he worked for Otis Lifts. He met…
Banfield / Coates  Kylie Marie

Banfield / Coates Kylie Marie

Date of Birth: 23/11/1967. I was 19 yrs old when i became pregnant to a married man. I was very afraid of my father at the time. so the only…
Banna  Angelo

Banna Angelo

Year of Birth:1945/46. I am looking for my birth father who used to attend dances at Police Boys Club in Sydney in 1964. You would have been 19/20 when I…
Barby  Gladys Mary

Barby Gladys Mary

. Searching for partners mother (father’s name not known). He was born John Barby 26/3/1960 placed immediately into foster care from Ararat Hospital VIC. then adopted by the Weste family…


Born 1968 Wollongong. This particular person is my brother and was adopted out at birth. I am unsure of the exact DOB however I do know that he was born…


REUNITED. I am looking for my birth mother Lorraine Barnes was her name when i was born. I was born at Brisbane Womens Hospital. She was living with her mother…


Date of Birth: 11 February 1971. Helping my mother in search of her half sister. Unsure of your first name. but your mother was Joan Barrett born 1954. You were…
BARRY   Noel


REUNITED. I know in my heart you are out there somewhere. You named me Helen Denise Barry. I was born to you on or about the 4th November 1960.
Barry  Michael

Barry Michael

Date of Birth: 25/12/77. I am looking for my biological brother. He was born on the 25th December 1977 at Royal Brisbane Hospital. He was given the name Michael Barry…
BARTLE (maiden name)  Muriel Heather

BARTLE (maiden name) Muriel Heather

Birth:1946 ?. I am searching for my husbands birth parents. Muriel Heather Bartle. Fathers name was John ?. He was born 14/06/67 @Bethesda Hospital. Marrickville NSW. His birth name was…
Bartram or UNKNOWN  Lucinda Jane

Bartram or UNKNOWN Lucinda Jane

Date of Birth: 26.4.1968 or UNKNOWN. Was always told that I was covertly swapped with a baby boy who was raised in a rich family as a soldier. Recent DNA…
bates  kim

bates kim

17/09/1953. looking for my fathers birth parents was adopted by percy & gwen wylie 17/09/1953


Date of Birth:1952-1953. Looking for my birth father. David Batty of the Pendle Hill NSW area about 1967-1968. David has one sister. I don`t know her name.David is known to…
Beaumont  Lorraine Joan

Beaumont Lorraine Joan

REUNITED. I am hoping to make contact with my birth mother. I was born at St George Hospital. Kogarah. I would be delighted with any information.
Beckett  Dianne Louise

Beckett Dianne Louise

Date of Birth: 02/11/1945. Looking for birth mother - DIANNE LOUISE BECKETT. Gave birth to boy (birth name DAVID BECKETT ) April 6. 1969 at St Margaret`s Hospital. Darlinghurst NSW
Belcher  Donna

Belcher Donna

Date of Birth: 26/2/1973. Birth name of adopted daughter. may have been changed by her adopted parents. born St Vincents. Paddington. Sydney. Mothers name Maxene
BELL  Ashley Dillon

BELL Ashley Dillon

Date of birth: 03/02/1984. Would like to make contact. You are 21 now and you may like to know your family background and you may like to meet me and…
Bell  Peter William

Bell Peter William

Date of Birth: August 1965. Looking for Peter Bell father of Karrissa Dempsey she would like to meet her dad. He came from west wyalong lived in Sutherland nsw when…
BELL  Un-named

BELL Un-named

Date of birth: 26/27/28 August 1963. At the time my son was born I was Susan Bell. living at 45 Curtin Avenue. Abbotsford NSW 2046. The birth father`s name is…
Bell - Wethered  Jacquina

Bell - Wethered Jacquina

. Looking for my birth mother JACQUINA MARGARET BELL-WETHERED. Gave birth to a baby girl (birth name Linaire Bell-Wethered) on 6 October 1965 at Crown St Womens Hospital Sydney
BELL, Peter - Birth Father

BELL, Peter - Birth Father

I am adopted and am looking for my biological father. I was born Sally Ellen Wilson on 14th April 1965 at Hornsby Hospital. My birth mother was Mary Elizabeth Ledingham…
Bennet  Keith

Bennet Keith

Year of Birth:1955. Im looking for my birth father Keith Bennet born in WA in 1955. in 1975 the year of my birth he was 20 yrs old worked as…