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Date of birth: 28.6.71.. Searching for Phillip Maguire. born 28.6.71 Southport Hospital Q.L.D. Adopted by William and Joy Maguire. I gave birth to Phillip. I named you Travis. I was not allowed to see you or hold you. when you were born I told the Nurse your name. she looked at another Nurse and said "it`s your turn to name this one". Please try to understand I did not give you away. as was the phrase used. I had you under my heart. and I know your Mum has you in her heart. I have never stopped feeling your absence in my life. You have a half Brother Nathan 28. and half Sister Amber 26 who are delighted to hear about you. I am very fortunate to have a supportive Husband. and a very happy marriage. I wish you nothing but happiness Phillip. and I will fully understand if you do not wish contact. You will however always be with me. God bless you and your Family. I thank them with all my heart. Maureen Perkins nee Edwards.

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