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Sadler (Gallagher  Peachey)  Nolleen Alice

Sadler (Gallagher Peachey) Nolleen Alice

Date of Birth: 6 November 1947. Looking for children of Nolleen Alice Peachey (Nee Sadler. Gallagher). Nolleen is my birth…
SAGE  Ann Patricia

SAGE Ann Patricia

. I am trying to locate my birth mother. Her name was Ann Patricia Sage. Back then she lived in…
Saint-Smith, Roslyn

Saint-Smith, Roslyn

I am searching for my birth mother, her name was Roslyn Mary Saint-Smith at my time of birth, (29th February…
Sales  Khan

Sales Khan

Date of Birth: 8 Oct 1971. Please contact me again Khan. I so so want to meet and know you.…
Salmon, Tracy Julia

Salmon, Tracy Julia

I'm looking for my birth mother, date of birth: 1960 I was born on 29th December 1976 at the Panch…
Sands  Maureen Mary

Sands Maureen Mary

. I am looking to contact with birth mother Maureen Mary Sands or any siblings. I was born in July…
Sandstrom  Florence

Sandstrom Florence

Year of Birth: between 1920-1930. My name is Margery Reidlinger (nee Chappel) and I was born to Florence Sandstrom at…
SARGEANT  Elizabeth Anne

SARGEANT Elizabeth Anne

. See Here I Am Page. click here for more info
Saunders  Michael

Saunders Michael

Date of Birth:1st May 1980. you were my first born son and you were beautiful. I had you at 18…
Savage (formally Fisher)  Unice

Savage (formally Fisher) Unice

. My birth name is donna marree savage. i was born on the 15/3/70. i believe i was premature. Im…
Sayers  Janice

Sayers Janice

Year of Birth: 1944. I was born at Boothville Private Hospital Brisbane 28/01/62 to Janice Margaret Sayers. She was 18…
Sayers  Janice Margaret

Sayers Janice Margaret

Year of Birth: 1944. A caller rang on Wednesday 6th October @ 7.30pm. When they rang they asked for “Wayne…
SCANLAN   Jill Moira

SCANLAN Jill Moira

Date of birth: 26/01/1953. I am searching for my Birth Mother Jill. I was born at Royal Brisbane Hospital 03/02/1971…
Scherger  Maria

Scherger Maria

Date of Birth: 16/11/1928. Please contact.
SCHOFIELD  Una Shirley


. My birth name was James Guy Schofield and i am recorded as having been born on 12/9/1951 to a…
Schreiber  Olive Veronica

Schreiber Olive Veronica

SUCCESS. Looking for descendants of Olive Veronica Schreiber. Maiden name Paine. First married to Ewan Wilkins.1925 then to James Schreiber…
Schumacher  Paul

Schumacher Paul

. Looking for our nephew and cousin Paul Schumacher (not 100% sure on the spelling). Born approximately 1970 to Darrell…
Scott  Fay

Scott Fay

. Searching for my biological family. I was born Stephen John Scott in Sydney on 11 Aug 1959. I am…
Scott  Kim

Scott Kim

Date of Birth: 23/7/1966. Looking for my half brother who was born to my mother Christine Anne Bernadette Riley at…
Scott  Lisa

Scott Lisa

Date of Birth: 30 May 1967. My sister gave birth to a baby girl 30 may 1967 – 6 weeks…
SCOTT, Janine

SCOTT, Janine

I was born Craig Scott to Janine Scott on the 16/09/1969 I was born in the Crown street Hospital Sydney.…
SCOTT, Yvonne Daphne

SCOTT, Yvonne Daphne

REUNITED AFTER 40 YEARS. Searching for my birth mother named either Yvonne Daphne Scott or Daphne Yvonne Scott. Her birth…


29-8-1968 Timothy was born in Crown Street Women`s Hospital . he was taken from me at birth. Not a single…
SCULLY  Jeffrey

SCULLY Jeffrey

Date of birth: 14 January 1971. Jeffrey. I am posting this message for you. I know you didn`t want any…
Scully  Pamela

Scully Pamela

Date of Birth: 11/9/1943. Pamela. I know you did not want to meet me last year but I would love…
Searching for  Jeanette

Searching for Jeanette

Birth: 1946. Searching for my aunt - named Jeanette at birth by her birth mother. Adoption was organised through Hopewood…
Shanahan  male

Shanahan male

Date of Birth: 24.12.1959. I am looking for my brother my mother just told me about in confidence. Mum didn`t…
Shani Lee

Shani Lee

Date of birth: 9/7/1981. I named you Shani Lee. a beautiful girl. you were born on 9/7/1981 at Mercy Maternity…
SHANKS  Bernice

SHANKS Bernice

. searching for birth mother i was born on the 20/11/70 you named me Rayden. my name is now Jeffrey…


. I am searching for my birth mother who named me Patricia Edna Shannon 29/08/1969 - I was adopted out…
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